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Clients seek us out to tell their stories, shape their policy environments, communicate, formulate business strategy, market and transform their identities.

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Under the leadership of founder and president Shira Kastan Goldstein, ADG STRATEGY GROUP offers an integrated and complementary suite of services to plan, build and execute all manner of business strategies, strategic forward thinking and planning, government affairs, strategic communications, and marketing programs.


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Clients seek us out to enable them to anticipate change and plan for critical business decisions, tell their stories, shape their policy environments, communicate, formulate business strategies, market and transform their identities.

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Collaboration and Connections are Key for Success

ADG STRATEGY GROUP’s team has worked with the country’s
top academic medical centers, healthcare systems, renown
non-profits, busy news desks, and behind the podium with local, state and federal elected officials.

That means ADG STRATEGY GROUP has the expertise in strategic decision-making and uncertainty management, combined with an extensive list of contacts with a multitude of media outlets, thought leaders, and policy makers and offers unique approaches and novel technologies to assess varying environments while inspiring innovation and providing our clients with the confidence to capture opportunities and strengthen their competitive edge.

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ADG STRATEGY GROUP is an experienced strategic partner with the ability to “connect the dots” to find solutions. If ADG can assist you with your business endeavors, please contact us.